USUK Iron was started in 1996 and has taken place at several different host venues over the past 15 years. These include the first one 'Alchemy in the UK' at Yew Tree Farm Studios in Suffolk, then to Franconia Sculpture Park, MN a couple of times, back to Suffolk at Butley Mills Studios, then to New Orleans Sculpture Lab, Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop in Wales, and most recently Salem Art Works in Upstate New York.

For the summer of 2012 USUK Iron Symposium will be held at Salem Art Works in Salem, NY, USA as well as at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire, UK.

We look forward to sharing the activities with you on the following pages.

Ferrously Yours, Coral Lambert, USUK Founding Director

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

USUK Iron Artists Arrive at Salem Art Works

Its 95 degrees farenheit in upstate New York and the USUK Iron artists have arrived at Saelm Art Works, as well as exploring the 120 acre Sculpture Grounds at Salem Art Works where they are residing and working out of the studios. The artists are already hard at work installing sculpture at the Saelm Courthouse and the North Main Gallery dowtown for the shows that open on Saturday 23rd June from 11am - 3pm



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  1. excellent experiment in art cast iron work.
    i have also develop new technique in sculpture.
    so hove can i participate in your workshop i am in India but you can see my work in my blog
    thank regard
    Jitendra Patel